Unique Hemp Plastic Products

Custom Compounding
Are you looking to develop a product and keen to keep it as green as possible?

We have the facilities to design and manufacture our green polymer to meet your specific business needs. With our customised processing, we’ve been able to create complete versatility out of the hemp plant by separating different parts and features to create materials with unique properties. Our hemp plastics can be used to make parts, toys, packaging, containers and most other plastic products. We can also meet FDA standards for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural products and we can create materials to be compostable, biodegradable, UV proof, fireproof and scratch resistant.

Make the greener choice for your business. Work with us to design and manufacture customised hemp plastic products

Petroleum-based plastics are polluting every corner of our planet.

The future of our world is well and truly in our hands. With our hemp polymer materials and manufacturing partners, we can help you design hemp plastic products for your business that won’t cost the earth—or blow your budget. Or you can choose from the ever growing range of products we’ve already developed.

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Choose from our range of hemp plastic products

Have something else in mind? Let us know as we are continuously expanding our product line.