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Hemp Plastic is a Pathway to a brighter future

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Hundreds of millions of tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year, causing serious impacts on environmental and human health. Transitioning away from fossil-fuel-based traditional plastics to greener alternatives is a necessity. Our eco-friendly plastics allow you to become part of the solution. Using renewable and sustainable materials, our biocomposites deliver the durability, versatility and availability you love about traditional plastics while helping you reduce your carbon footprint and plastic pollution. The result is a win for both your customers and future generations.

Sustainability, simplified.

We offer up to 100% bio-based resins.
Our materials:

Are available in volume today

Have similar properties to traditional plastics, making transitioning easier

Are made with sustainable and renewable hemp

Often offer improved injection mold processing with lower temperatures and less cycle time

Are competitively priced and can replace conventional plastics without significant additional capital or operating expense

Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution

Can sequester CO2 or be compostable or biodegradable


Our products are being designed into dozens of new and existing ideas, including many forms of packaging along with rigid durable consumer, furnishing, architectural/construction, automotive, agricultural, clean tech, and other goods. Our customers are replacing traditional plastics with hemp plastics to create products and solutions that are cost-effective, attractive and more sustainable.



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