We're on
a mission

to shake up the plastics industry with hemp plastic alternatives
Leading the way to a greener future
We are leading the way to a greener future with the development and distribution of premium earth-friendly polymers.

We at The Hemp Plastic Company are invested in resolving one of the world’s biggest problems. There’s no escaping polymers, they’ve infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Yet, we are no longer beholden to petroleum-based materials. There are hemp plastic alternatives that resolve the plastic issue for good. Our bioplastics offer a game-changing solution to manufacturers who wish to continue producing the same low cost products without harming our planet.

It’s our mission to help migrate fossil fuel based plastic users to our far greener option. We aim to serve our planet, investors, clients and dedicated team through the development and distribution of premium eco-friendly polymer solutions. We are uniquely positioned to leverage a more inviting regulatory environment, technology, supply and our own marketing expertise. Our intent is to raise awareness and offer comparably-priced polymer alternatives which will revolutionize this industry. If the prices and properties are competitive, it’s our experience that the market will adopt bioplastic alternatives. We have built our company on this premise.

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The Hemp Plastic
Company Approach

We are not in the business of making sales alone. We are in the business of building and nurturing a strong client base. We’re about people, relationships, communication and being present to what’s really going on. We understand that long-term contracts and relationships lay the foundation for healthy companies and this approach permeates our daily business practices.

Glen Kayll, The Hemp Plastic Company

Glen Kayll

President and CEO

Mr. Kayll has a 25+ year track record in high growth publicly and privately held technology, advisory, manufacturing and other businesses. He has run his own startups, operated global business units, been a C-level executive and board member of public companies, has executed 14 public and private company multinational mergers and acquisitions worth over $4 billion and raised over $800 million in US capital market financing.  Glen is a focused, energetic leader, with a sense of urgency and a singular drive to build effective teams and earn excellent returns.

Greg Dean, The Hemp Plastic Company

Greg Dean

Chief Commercial and Operations Officer

Mr. Dean has been involved in the plastics industry since 1998 and has held global executive roles in business development, operations, and supply chain at a global leader in rigid plastic consumer packaging.  He has contributed to expansion in sales from $400M to $3.5B, and was instrumental in the creation of new greenfield operations in California, Iowa and Florida. He has a great professional working relationship with many CPG and FMCG organizations, ranging from tier one global organizations, to smaller regional or local companies.  He has worked significantly on alternative material and process developments and commercialization in conjunction with end users.  Prior to entering the rigid plastic space, Greg spent ten years in the metal can business as Director of International Sales. 

Kevin Tubbs, The Hemp Plastic Company

Kevin Tubbs

Co-Founder and CBDO

Mr. Tubbs is the catalyst responsible for bringing together the growers, vendors, scientific, technical and development team behind The Hemp Plastic Company.  Prior to launching this company, as President of Best Practices LLC,  Kevin spent 12 years as a market leader producing some of the world’s most ecologically friendly packaging.  His experience also includes 15 years under private contract within AT&T’s in house development center.

Paul Benhaim, The Hemp Plastic Company

Paul Benhaim

Co-Founder and Chairman

Mr. Benhaim is one of the world’s leading authorities on hemp related industrial products.  Paul is the founder and former President and CEO of Elixinol Global (ASX:EXL, OTCQX: ELLXF), a global CBD producer and hemp foods manufacturer, and has a stake in seed to sale ventures within the hemp business both on a nutritional and industrial level.  As President of Hemp Foods Australia, Mr. Benhaim distributes nutritional hemp products under his brand worldwide.   His various YouTube videos and public appearances have inspired a great many additional hemp advocates and kept the dream alive for over 25 years.   Mr. Benhaim is actually a hemp farmer himself, taking the product from root to retail.   A believer in hemp bioplastic for many years, Paul brings more than two decades of www.HempPlastic.com to the table along with his client base and years of experience.