Globe in a petroleum-based plastic bag - THE PROBLEM

The Problem

Fossil fuel based plastic pollution affects every continent on the planet

Hemp plastic is the way of the future—become part of the solution by supporting a newer, greener plastic resin supply alternative.

Collectively, modern society needs to transition to become more eco-friendly. In 2017, 300 million tons of plastic was commissioned by manufacturers worldwide. There is no doubt this is having a serious impact on the health of our planet and changes need to be made to protect future generations. Recent technology has opened the door to a new breed of eco-friendly polymer. No longer reliant on petroleum, these bioplastics are renewable, sustainable and often made using agricultural waste.

Be green and competitive

Opt for a renewable, sustainable alternative solution

Our mission is to revolutionize the plastics industry and change the landscape of our future by providing alternatives to pure fossil fuel based plastics.

With new breakthroughs in technology, plastic pollution has been reduced to a design choice. Our line of Hemp Plastics represent the environmental solution you have been looking for. Our volume customers will find these options competitively-priced. We can guarantee supply, security, stable prices, low shrinkage rates, minor abrasion risk and good thermal, UV and dimensional stability. Industrial hemp has been earmarked the crop of the future. With our hemp plastic, the future is already here.

The Solution

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Manufacturer Materials

We offer you four primary hemp plastic alternatives which are available now. These are suitable for many of your manufacturing processes including injection mold applications. Learn more about our HempPropylene, HempEthylene, HempPLA, and HempABS.

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Customer Finished Product

Design and manufacture eco-friendly products customized to meet your specific business needs. We can help! Make the eco-friendly choice that your customers will thank you for. Contact us today about the many customized products we can help you to develop that won’t compromise our earth.

Our difference

Sufficient and stable supply

From small-scale businesses to fortune 500 companies, we have abundant hemp plastic supplies to service your needs.

Competitive prices

Thanks to our proprietary approach, our hemp plastics are more competitive.

Unique offerings

We combine different parts of the hemp plant to create and market ultra-green polymers which include hemp.

Meticulous testing

We utilize independent testing labs, to ensure our products remain consistent, and adhere to our exacting specifications.

Progressive and innovative

Our proprietary methods are revolutionizing the plastics industry to offer alternative green materials—and this is just the beginning.

Hemp plastic offers

A renewable, sustainable, in some cases compostable, alternative to raw fossil fuel based polymers to preserve our future world.

What our clients say

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