Sustainability Sells: How Eco-Friendly Plastics are Good for Business and the Planet

In the past, simply having a quality product was enough to attract consumers, but today’s buyers are increasingly looking for more environmentally-friendly products. A recent study conducted by IBM and the National Retail Federation found nearly 70% of consumers in the United States and Canada believe it’s important that a brand is eco-friendly or sustainable, and the same amount reported being willing to change their shopping habits or pay more for products deemed “green.”

The message is clear: sustainability sells, and shoppers are redefining quality by looking for brands and products that align with their personal values. As warnings about climate change are being heard and heeded, virtually all consumers have at least one environmental issue that worries them. For many, that issue is plastic production and the greenhouse gasses it emits.

Plastics and Sustainability: The Problem with Traditional Plastics

Over 335 million metric tons of plastic are produced each year, emitting massive levels of greenhouse gases to produce material that can take hundreds of years to break down. Significantly reducing the amount of fossil-fuel-based plastic we produce is vital to preserving our planet for future generations.

Hemp Plastic: The Eco-Friendly Plastic Solution

Switching to our more sustainable hemp-based eco-friendly plastics can reduce plastic by 25 to 100%, and one ton of hemp can absorb up to 1.6 tons of CO2, making it one of the best carbon sequestration options on the planet. Our biocomposites and bioplastics deliver the availability, durability and versatility you love about traditional plastics while helping you reduce your carbon footprint and plastic pollution. The result is a win for the planet, your business and your customers.

The widespread nature of climate change’s challenges means that the solution must be widespread as well. Our materials can be used in diverse industries, including automotive, construction, packaging, furnishings, consumer goods, agriculture and more. Whether you have an idea for a new product or want to make your existing line more sustainable, our materials can replace conventional plastics without significant capital or operating expense and are available in volume today.

Choosing our more sustainable hemp plastics shows your customers that you share their environmental goals. Preserving our planet isn’t just the right thing to do, it is also good business. Click here to learn more about our eco-friendly plastics and how they can reduce your carbon footprint while boosting your business.



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