LATI Industria Termoplastici signs with The Hemp Plastic Company for the distribution of hemp plastics in Europe

LATI Industria Termoplastici of Vedano Olona, Italy (“LATI”), a leader in self-extinguishing and high performance thermoplastic compounds, and The Hemp Plastic Company, of Boulder, Colorado, USA (“THPC”) a leading provider of sustainable hemp plastics today announced that the parties have signed an agreement for the distribution of The Hemp Plastic Company’s line of ecological hemp blended plastics. These hemp plastics are usable across diverse sectors in the plastics industry, from packaging to automotive, from furniture to toys, and many others.

The road to a greener future undertaken by LATI, one of the most important European producers of technical thermoplastics for engineering use, continues thanks to this agreement with The Hemp Plastic Company for the distribution of environmentally friendly compounds that can address the technical, safety and supply requirements of different industrial sectors.

For years LATI has been committed to offering alternatives to plastics based solely on non-renewable sources, with a lower environmental impact. LATI’s range now includes sustainable products such as compounds based on polymers from mechanical or chemical recycling or from renewable sources. The themes of reuse and circularity have been in LATI’s DNA since its foundation in 1945, when Cosimo Conterno founded the first factory to recycle war remnants. Since then, LATI has never abandoned its vocation towards circular economy and sustainability.

“We are pleased to be working with LATI to bring our line of environmentally friendly hemp polymers to the European market,” said Glen Kayll, CEO of The Hemp Plastic Company.  “Hemp is one of nature’s greatest natural carbon absorbers, and together with a leader like LATI, we can accelerate our mutual customers’ transition to sustainable alternatives that reduce plastic and carbon emissions and are affordable, available in volume and relatively simple to implement.”

“Sustainability has always been a fundamental value for LATI that guides the way of conducting business and relating to all stakeholders,”  said Vittorio Gerola, Sales Director of LATI. “Thanks to the partnership with The Hemp Plastic Company we provide an additional solution to the sustainability goals of our customers, and to reduce carbon emissions.”

LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.

Founded in 1945, LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A. is an independent European compounder at the forefront of self-extinguishing and high-performance thermoplastic compounds. Thanks to its technical expertise and an extremely varied product portfolio, LATI is able to provide customers with an answer to the most demanding applications requiring special materials and specific design know-how.

All LATI’s products are designed and developed to meet the most challenging requirements of its customers and according to the strictest quality controls. Mainly involved in the market of compounds for electrical and electronic equipment, household appliances and automotive, LATI provides solutions for any sector with a focus on sustainability and circular economy.

The company is characterized by an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons developed in the two sites of Vedano Olona and Gornate Olona, 2,400 active formulations, 282 employees and about 2,000 customers. LATI achieved sales of EUR 130.9 million in 2020. For more information about LATI, please reach out to [email protected].

The Hemp Plastic Company

Founded in 2018, The Hemp Plastic Company develops, manufactures and sells advanced hemp biocomposites for leading organizations around the globe, including those in the packaging, component, durable goods, agricultural, industrial, sheet and construction markets. The Company provides a wide range of competitively priced standard and custom polymers to meet specific customer needs.  For more information about THPC, visit the Company’s website at

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